1975 - Nordkap

1982 - Griechenland

1989 - Eiffelturm - Paris

1992 - Niagara Falls - Kanada

2001 - Mandalay - Myanmar (Burma)

2002 - Jangtsekiang (China)

2011 - M/S Lofoten/Norwegen

2011 - Assisi/Italien

2012 - Galicien (Spanien)

2013 – Taroudannt – Marokko


4 Responses to Fotogalerie/Photogallery

  1. Marcia Montez says:

    Hey guy, what a wonderful surpriseS : 1st.: to find out that now you have a Blog (und was für eine! Wow! the ideal way for u to share the thousands fantastic fotos from your
    decades trips!auch Comments,writings, exchanging, conecting,with interesting people etc.) 2nd.: To find myself at the foto, up hear!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m not in Campinas but still in Alemanha.
    On line, nur bei Facebook. (please notice, that Ich rarely write something there! Aber,
    at least, u can see some of the things and people who really touch my heart today.
    ( Silva Mind Control Method, Finer minds, Tapping Solution, Transfer factors, 4Life
    Research, Ikebana Sanguetsu u. u. u.)
    Take good care, Have nice tripS, talk to u soon.
    Lg Marcia

    • Trotamundo says:

      Hi Marcia,
      I knew, that would be a big surprise for you. Do you remember when and where the picture was taken?
      Thanks for the comment and many greetings (and join me on facebook),

  2. Val Fieth says:

    Dear Hartmut,
    how lovely that modern technology can give us beautiful things with internet. Keep writing the stories and sharing the photos
    We met at the Stuttgart gathering.
    Happy retirement. Be well and enjoy.

    Val Fieth
    Welwyn Garden City, Herts. England.

  3. Trotamundo says:

    Hi Val,
    I know, you are a great photographer. Thanks for your interest on my photos and stories.

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